Rally and show results

Sofie and «Veli» DeepEyes Dance With Dragons III had there debut in RallyO and got some very nice results:

  • 90/100p
  • 98/100p and second place.

Congratulations 😀


In Norway it was breed special this weekend for judge Per-Harald Nymark from Norway. And International show on Sunday where I considered pulling both because I know he dont like Talli as a breed type. But we where already there so they both where showed 🙂

«Sinner» Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax got VG and the breed special and Excellent at the international show.

«Talli» DeepEyes Talia al Ghul I won the whole breed special: BOB, BOB Veteran, BIS Veteran and BIS!!!

As aspected we didn’t even run a round at the international show and got Excellent and nothing more 😉


BOS Chocolate-Wretsler & BOB Deepeyes Talia al Ghul 





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