LTE/Finnish mentaltest

«Hera» DE Heirloom V and «Tuuri» DE Possibly Maybe V did there big mentaltest in Finland this weekend. They both got approved and secure on shoots. Congratulations 😀

They are only 2 years and 8 months and its quite a «ruff» mentaltest I would say. So they did good. 🙂 Hera went with Henna that is the owner, so Hera stayed with her for one week before the test. She got 86 points and secure on shoots. Tuuri is like Tuuri is: vocal and very high driven, so lots of reactions but he switches great between «aggression» and no aggression when there is no more treats to him.

So good test for young dogs and even a new handler for Hera.

Great job Marika and Emilia 😀

And request to all my puppy owners: could you have a look at the dogs pages to se if I have kept them updated and with to right results. Something might have slipped by me, or I might have written something wrong 😉


Hera 2 years and 7 months


Video of Tuuri


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