Results show, health and Sinner 6 months

DE Almost The Truth VI «Rin» and Tone where to the national show in Bø this weekend and they did excellent!

They got CQ and BOB! No CAC as they need the working results before they can have that. But something tells me that they wont have a problem with that 😉

Congratulations !


Then I had a chat with Monica about «Harly» DE Small Chance Of Success II the other day. Last year they believed they found a sound on his heart. But it was very small, they went to a specialist 6 months later and they could not find anything. (Not doppler). When they took the vaccine the other day they found the sound again. They would set it at a grade 1. As he does not have any clinical symptoms and the sound is very small we have decided to wait with doppler until the sound changes or there are any clinical symptoms. Non in that litter is being breed do to other reasons so there are no puppies after litter II and non are planned.


And Sinner is 6 months! Pia took some lovely pictures of him today when we had a short training session in Bergen Hundehall. Thank you!

He is 14 kg and about 48 cm at the moment.


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