Xmas show

The Xmas show is the last show of the year.

«Sinner»  Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax was shown in puppy class, youngest male out of 3. He got 2.best male and a very nice critic.

Over the medium size. Strong type. Is very good looking. Very good top line. Format very good, angulation and bone very good. Chest and front very good. Hair and colour standard. Moves very good. Very promising.

«Skessa» DE Violently Happy V, was trying for her last CAC for NOCH. But she pulled the shorted straw this time and got 3.best female with CQ and res.CAC. I dont have her critic. She is loosing her coat at the moment, so new tries in march or april.

«Talli» DE Talia al Ghul I: BOB Veteran and BOS. So she saved out honour. And I have lost her critic :p

There where 3 puppies entered and 5 adults in total.


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