Finnish and Helsinki winner

We dont have any thing big to brag home about. But from know on Very Good is known as Super good 😉

All doggies behaved well and thats more important then any results. Last couple of years I have seen a lot of kelpies pull away from the judges, I have even breed some myself, but in Finland I just spotted a couple that didn’t like it, but still handled the situation.

On Saturday the 3 Finnish dogs from litter 3 where all shown. They got Very Good, but is a very different type from most of the Finnish dogs.

HeJW15 TK1  DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V


FiJW-2015 DeepEyes Dull Flame Of Desire V


DeepEyes Heirloom V    


Talli got Excellent and nothing more. There where a very nice veteran female there, that reminds me a lot of Blaze. She got BOB and BOB veteran both days.

The second day it was only Talli from DeepEyes and she got Very (super) good 🙂


But I loved the trip and to se them all again, and there owners. Hera I haven’t seen since she was 8-9 weeks. After the show Saturday we all enjoyed a town walk with Unna and Nils as a guide.

Thank you all for coming to say hallo 😀 Hope to se you again next year, of even sooner 🙂  And Marika (that has Tuuri) that drove me & Talli her there and back again 😉


Sinner, he was having fun with Toril, 2 male Bernese mountain dogs and 4 cats. So he had a great weekend away from me with lots of new experience. And handled it perfectly. Thank you Toril for being the perfect Sinner-Sitter.



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