Talli Norwegian Veteran Winner 2016

Saturday it was Norways big show event: Dogs 4 All . Norwegian Winner show.

I only had Talli entered in Veteran. And she got all the way to BOB Veteran and 3 best female.

I will translate her critic correctly:

49,5 cm. Well proportions. well balanced, correct ears, breed typical expression, good neck and topline, a bit falling croup. Good paws. A breed typical alertness and willing to please temper.

You can read all the critics and se the results of the breed her.  Google translate can help you as most are written in whole sentences.


An old Photo of Talli, will have to take new of her :p 

Sinner was so good at the show. Handled him self excellent in that situation, no problems with sound, people, environment or other dogs. Just love him to bits ❤

He even got to go on national tv:



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