A weekend in the sign of showing + ASCA

Results from this weekend: 

DE Wanderlust V: BOB and short listed in the group. 

DE Ice Age Scrat IV: BOB 

DE Talia Al Ghul I: BOB veteran 

DE Violently Happy V: Very Good

Dutch Dynamite Dazzler Dax: BOB puppy 

Talli also had her debut in Rally Obedience Elite with 187 points off 200.  And on our second round we got disqualified :p 

Congratulations to all in different parts of Norway and the world 😀 

The working season in Norway is coming to an end (also called winter) so next couple of months it will probably be only show results 🙂 


DE Pagan Poetry V has started 12 agility runs this weekend in the ASCA program and got some new titles: JS-E, RS-N, GS-N 

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