Retired Talli, well almost 

I first retired Talli from obedience since I had Murphy and the program was all new. Then as I lost Murphy I had to have something to do and started learning her the new program. It went OK so  i got my hopes up for a new chance for the last 1.price for champion in obedience (she has two in the old program) 

But the more I train the more I se that she gets very stressed and even didn’t want to take treats or play. And checking up on her body it became clear that even if she still runs and make the good turns and stops her muscle is not keeping up with her will to work. So she gets pain, still runs and do the work and then gets very stressed. 

So no last 1 price for us and no obedience champion. But i can se know after 3 weeks with no FCI3 training. But still tracking, Easy rally training, out with the horses and bicking that her back is strait again (not carping/shooting her back) her right hind leg has longer straides again and she is playing and her folish self again.

So back to being Rally-Talli and we have started with the blood tracking that she loves. And reminding my self that she has been a well used competition dog for 9 years (she will be 10 in april 2017) and still can be a competition dog, but not in FCI3 program ☺

And the dog i can take every where with anyone. 

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