Show, health and more MH

Carina and «Puk» BH ATCJH Deepeyes Pagan Poetry V JS-N has been to Internasjonal show in Tulln. He was shown in Open class and got Excellent, CAC and res-Cacib.


Judge: DI Broris Spoljaric. Critic translated:

«2 years, correct bite, eyes and ears correct, good head and throat, angulations front and rear correct, a little too light boned»



More health results:

DeepEyes Completely Different VI «Monty»:

  • HD:A
  • ED: 0/0
  • Back: pending

Deepeyes Flying Circus VI «Ada»: 

  • ED: 0/0
  • Back: no remarks
  • HD: pending


Bailey will do her health tests next week, and then the whole VI litter has been health testet. Thank you all for doing this!


And then more about the MH. I’m very pleased with what I se 😀 Sure there will always be something (but when is a breeder not very picky *lol* ) All the important parts are in place: great social parts, great at «letting out stream» finishing with the bad parts and stop reacting (dont know a good english word for «avreagere») great play drive.

For being 13 months old puppies and what I did think they would be in the puppy box, they are not far off. And still very even in things they do.

And again: thank you all for coming! Its just Minnie that haven’t dont her MH, and she will do it at the end of October.

For those of special interest, this is the spindle of those first 5. The green line is the average of kelpies that do there MH in Sweden. Sometimes its good to be over the line, sometimes under, and somethings is a metter of «taste» what you thing is good or not.

The total form is on there page, you can se it here. 


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