Health, OBI ang Agility results

DeepEyes Almost The Truth VI «Rin» ‘s Elbows results are in:

ED: 0/0

DeepEyes Fairly Incomplete VI  «Ennen»’s results are inn also:


ED: 0/0

Back x-ray: no remarks.

Thank you both 😀


In Finland Marika and «Tuuri»HeJW-15 TK1 DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V has been out an about again:

  • First prize in obedience open class
  • Third on our district area competition
  • And there team took second place.



And in Austria Carina and «Puk» BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V JS-N  reports of some very nice agility results:

«Puk is Vice Champion of Vienna 2016 in LK2 😀
He had a very cool Agility Run which came closely to our focus and speed in training: clean run and 1st place there, so also second Qualifying Score for LK3. Unfortuntely two faults in Jumping – Heat was Bad for concentration, especially my own. Over All: 2nd Place»




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