What a Saturday!!

Today there is results in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

In Sweden:

Sofie and «Veli» KORAD CIB NordUch NORDW-15 DeepEyes Dance With Dragons III

  • 1 price and 1 place in Obedience class 2


In Finland:

Unnu and «Nils» FiJW-2015 DeepEyes Dull Flame Of Desire V

  • They won two courses today, got cert (the third score) and is new Club Champion in large 1! Next time we will start in the class 2!


And in Norway:

Tone and «Rin» DeepEyes Almost The Truth VI

  • Had a very nice debut in Obedience class 1. Not any high points, but a lovely attitude (I got to se them «live»)


Me, and my «rented» competition dog, «Arya» CHUCH NUCH DKUCH DeepEyes Song Of Ice and Fire III

  • Debut in class 2, 1 price and 1.place. And moved up to class 3.

Arya to the left and her points. Tone and Rin on the top right.

Me and «Talli» did our second debut in FCI3, and it did not really go well. Talli thinks she knows the exercises and took control. She was wrong *lol*

So proud of everyone 😀

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