Agility, tracking and show results

3 of the V litter boys have done very well in agility this weekend.

BH ATJCH DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V JS-N «Puk» and Carina had there first start in Agility class 2, clean run and 2nd place. So: First Qualifying Score for LK 3.



FiJW-2015 DeepEyes Dull Flame Of Desire V «Nils» and Unnu had two clean runs out of three (one agility and one jumping course) and won both courses! They got only one qualifying score, because we had one jumping course score already.


HeJW15 TK1  DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V «Tuuri» and Marika started agility 1 and jump 1 her in Norway. Jumping they got disqualified (handler mistake) and Agility they got 5 foults but ended up on second place.


So the working results:

DeepEyes I’ve Seen It All V «Logi»and Hanne had there debut in C-tracking with approved result and 4th place.

CHUCH NUCH DKUCH DeepEyes Song Of Ice and Fire III «Arya» had her debut in D-tracking with approved result, moved up to C-tracking and second place.


  • My breeding at The Norwegian Breed special yesterday, pictures will come on Facebook later: 
  • Junior: DE Completely Different VI «Monty» very good
  • Open dog: DE Possibly Mabye V «Tuuri» Excellent.
  • Working class: DE I’ve Seen It all V «Logi» excellent.
  • (And not from my breeding but using him for the next litter: Winsure Wilkawatt got BOB and BIS!) 
  • DE Almost The Truth VI «Rin» Very good 1
  • DE Flying Circus VI «Ada» – Very good 2
  • Champion: DE Song Of Ice and Fire III «Arya»
    excellent CK best female and BOS!!!
  • Veteran: DE Talia al Ghul «Talli»
    excellent ck 4 best female and BOB veteran, BIS veteran.
  • Breeders group containing Tuuri, Logi, Arya and Talli HP and BIS breeders group!
    What a day!!! Thank you all for coming ❤️
    Judge where: Arne Foss.

Critic from the breeders group:

3 combinations a very even group.Typical heads and expressions. Agile sidemovement. Good paws. Okay coat (2 in summer coat). Very pleasant temper.



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