Nationals in Finland and more..

Congratulations to Marika and Tuuri that started at the nationals in Finland and got of 60 (?) participants. He also got a new title TK1 (obi1) 

HeJW15 TK1 DeepEyes Possibly Maybe V


Other great news Unnu and «Nils» FiJW-2015 DeepEyes Dull Flame Of Desire V, got a place on the Fitdog Agilityteam Congratulations! 

And som news that has been lost in FB updates:

Hanne and «Logi»DeepEyes I’ve Seen It All V started obedience  class 1 again 10.june and got there second 1 price and second place. Going for a title? 

I have borrowed there mother «Arya» CHUCH NUCH DKUCH DeepEyes Song Of Ice and Fire III from Anna for a little while so she can get some obi and working results. Anna has trained her well but has not started with her. That makes it easy for me 😉 

So we got 1.price and in OBI1. Next we will try D-tracking (fingers X there. Have some issues with the field searcher at the moment) and try us on obi2 before she goes home again. 

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