I’ll try to get them in the correct order of happenings:

«Veli» SEUCH NOUCH KORAD NORDW15 DeepEyes Dance With Dragons III & Sofie has been to a 3 day international show in Denmark. She got her Danish CAC, 2*CACIB and 2*BOB.

So she is now known as: KORAD NORDICCH INTCH NORDW15 DeepEyes Dance With Dragons III. Congratulations! (She is also in higher class tracking and class 3 obedience)


«Logi» DeepEyes I’ve Seen It All V and Hanne made there debut in class 1 obedience and got 1.prize and 1.place. Congratulations!


Two girls from the VI litter has been to there first shows:

«Rin» DeepEyes Almost the Truth VI and Tone showed at NKK Drammen, international show, and got Excellent.


«Ennen» DeepEyes Fairly Incomplete VI and Åsa did there debut today with CC and BOB. (we need working result to gain the CAC). And she will be shown tomorrow at the international show in Tromsø. Good luck!



I do hope I didn’t forget anyone, been kind of busy this last couple of weeks 😉

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