MH helg

Skessa and Similis has done there MH.

Skessa’s MH you can se her. There will come a movie later so you can se it all. Just have to let Marie come home too edit it.

But in short, as you also can se. She has some social insecurity that comes under «pressure» so she does not play with figurant and she does not want to be handled. The other places, including the ghosts, she reacts well and  get over it fast. And she does not react to gun shoots. 🙂

Movie will come later (I where not allowed to watch as she like to run to me 😉 )


Maegling Liz I didn’t get to film. And thats to bad :/ You can se her MH her. 

She has some very nice social parts. She is a much calmer dog then the others so she dont get «out of hand» with her greeting. She does not play, and have no interest in playing. So during the play she goes around trying to get the audience to pet her.

The hunting part, I have seen that she has a lot of this both in the forest and on the sheep. So she rund on the first, checks ut out and figures its that stupid toy again. No point in using energy twice on that.

Activity: she just stands there.

The big figurant/play: She is very interested, waives her tail and when I let her go she walks out all the way to the figurant. But since she walks she is not there before the figurant is active. She tries to greet the figurant and make her pet her, but the stupid toy keep hitting her in the head. So she does other things like going to smell something good. As soon as the figurant is active and calls her name she tries again, but AGAIN that stupid toy is in the way.

On the jumpsuit that comes up, she walks 5 meters. She don’t run, and just stands there looking at me wondering why I’m there. When I call her name she comes at once with no hesitation and smells the jumpsuit. But she dont want to go between me and the jumpsuit on the first passages, no «running» she just switches side. Other round she is ok.

On the chains that are being dragged over a metal plate, she turns and walks a couple of meters then stand there. She considers checking it out her self, but then looks at me so she can figure out what to do. She comes at once as I call her name, and checks it out. Same as the jumpsuit but only one side switch, and she wants to just check it out one more time on the second passage the first round. Second round it was nothing.

The ghosts she stands in front and try to eye them away first, she stays there a little to short, so a couple of low growls. Then she finds it safest to stand behind me, no more growing just watching. Is she had stayed just 10 seconds more in front she would have gotten a «higher» number. And the same her: she stands there until i call her, than she comes finds out its human and greets both the ghost whit out taking the suits off when they call her name.

The gun shoot did happened as I aspected. She is gun shy. I did talk a little to the judges because I didn’t want to go to far. As she does not play or understand «running around» I did aspect her to react. She does pull away the leads length and comes back when I call her, and gets a bit uneasy. So only one gun shot. Its not easy with a dog you can not distract with play.

With that sad. With her just been her with me for 5 weeks, her background and what I have seen in other situation. Her work on sheep, how she has handled every situation I have put her true this last couple of weeks (Including living just by at least 10 gun ranges and walking there) and her very nice social parts. I’m am going to have a litter in her. But this is my conclusion, and the MH is completely open for everyone to see, also potential puppy buyers. I consider her as breeding potential when I look at the big picture and not just the gun shoot and play.


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