Lots of update

I’m really sorry for the late updates from last weekend, but Murphy has been a very sick puppy and in and out of different animal hospital to figure out the problem and give her fluids. She is know on the mend thankfully 🙂

So last weekends results:

DE Small Chance Of Success II «Harly» & Monica took there second CAC and winner in jump.


DE Almost The Truth VI «Rin» & Tone where on there first puppy shows this weekend and got two very nice critics. I haven’t seen her since she where 8 weeks. Sweet puppy ❤

Saturday she where beaten by her sister Murphy and got second best female puppy.

Sunday it went all the way and she got BOB puppy 😀



DE Violently Happy V «Skessa» has been visiting me this weekend so owner Marie could have some fun, and I a nice dog to show. And she did very well 😀

Saturday BOB, CAC and BOG 4!!!

Sunday BOB and CAC. Didn’t stay for the group as she where going home again and Murphy where not well.

Skessa then has all the CAC she can take, and just need on more after she turns 2.

Thank you for letting me show her Marie.


Congratulations to you all 😀

Next weekend it a MH weekend, so looking forward to the results. And herding course. I where suppose to go with Murphy, but since she still needs rest I dont think she is up for playing with sheep. But I have Liz her, so since I’m going anyway and its the breed club that is arranging she will take Murphys place and have some fun before she goes back to holder Christine. It has been so much fun having her her and gives me so much more meat on the bones before breeding her. Live this little special girl, I still wish I could have kept her at home. But two dogs to train at home is enough for me. Talli and Liz has become best for friends. Murphy thinks she is best friend with Liz, but Liz thinks she is just a pain in the ass *lol*

Next update will be saturday/sunday evening about the MH. Fingers X!!

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