The three wonder boys, and a girl

On Saturday «Tuuri» DE Possible Maybe V where shown at Helsinki Winner and got his first tittle: HeJW-15 and he also became 4 best male with his first CAC. 26 entries. 

The same day «Puk» BH DE Pagan Poetry V got his first champion tittle: Austrian Junior Champion and BOB. 

But it doesn’t stop there! 

Today «Nils» DE Dull Flame Of Desire V made his debut in the show ring at Finnish winner show. Excellent and first in junior class. And got the title FiJw-15. 

Tuuri where also shown there and his excellent and number 3 in junior class. 26 entries also this day. 

«Skessa» DE Violently Happy V started obedience class 2 with second price. 

Talli started obedience elite today, but we don’t have anything to tell home about. 😅 

Congratulations to the owners!! 








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