More health results, puppy test ++

Banjo has had his health checked:

HD – Pending

ED – 0/0

PL – 0/0

Heart clear oktober 2015.

Thank you for doing his health checks Illana and Shaked 😀

Two puppies have left the building and two more are living today. And Arya is going home :/ But I think i will be entertained by the other 5 thats staying. Next weekend the boy is leaving and then the US puppy is staying until 12 weeks. And Murphy of course for ever 🙂

They did there puppytest at 7 weeks, and as I suspected they are very even in character.

We (me and Talli) are starting Elite OB today, and it will be a disaster *lol* 1,5 month with no training, but then we will have a status for the last two OB that are coming.

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