One more down…

It’s starting to become a joke :p

But I know that I’m very hard, but I also do live by the rule: would I take a puppy? And this time the answer again is: no.

I have evaluated Skessa, and I have already been a bit unsure do to her size. I dont find it a good size for working to be so small as her, and she is somewhere between 42-43 cm. So just touching the standard. But I let that part go do to her temper and work that I really like!!!!

But then the x-ray of her back shows a missing lumbar. It will probably never bother her. But I have to think of breeding. I have talked to some veterinaries and other breeders and its difficult to say: she might give normal puppies, there might be the same «problem» in the first og second generation, it might be a genetic mutation that can be or can be not hereditary, it might be a very milde form of dwarfism with no medical condition signs and so on.

For me this is a to unsure answer about her «condition». And again: would I take a puppy knowing this? My answer is sadly no 😦

But I do have plans for the future for the boys, and hope that I can have the opportunity to use one of them or a puppy after one of them in the future! The good thing about boys: you have so much more time to see how the grow and develop then with the girls. And I really like this litter!

I have taked to Marie and Skessa will be hers after all the results and MH are done (so there want be a problem with papers and names and so on) And I will be able to borrow her for shows, even if my first priority is working, I do like the social part with traveling and showing dogs. So why not have an extra to show if there are room in the car. 😀

And I have so far only been lucky with mye «breeding terms – holders» and the cooperation there. Thank you so much Marie (and the rest of the family). ❤

5 months 4.BIG in her first puppy show

One of the times i «stole» her: 5 months 4.BIG in her first puppy show


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