3 More healt results

Maeglin Liz «Similis»
Eyes clear
PL 0/0
Back: no deformity or calcification, or other remarks
ED: pending result from NCK.

DeepEyes Violently Happy V «Skessa»
Eyes clear
PL 0/0
HD/ED: Pending NCK
Back: no deformity or calcification. BUT she is missing one lumbar. She has 6 and is suppose to have 7. It will probably never bother her as its just *gone* But the question about breeding will have to be looked into and asked around.

«Puk» DeepEyes Pagan Poetry V:
ED: 0/0
OCD: free
back: all vertebra, and no abnormal signs.

Then 3 of 7 in litter V have done there Health checks: have them ready or are pending results.

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