Monty Python Litter, and now for «something completely different»

A bit late update her in the blog. I traveled directly from the ultrasound to the mountains for a couple of days on holiday 🙂

Wednesday Arya where checked by ultrasound and even before the veterinary where shore there where puppies with the clinical control (and she is very careful to say so surly normally 😉 )

At once we found a small little boble-puppy, and we counted to 6-7. There might be more and there might be less that come out. We all know there is still one more wait until they are born. The last time we found 5-6 puppies and she got 9.

Being the «bad» breeder that I am, I hope the 6-7 is the correct number. I dont «like» big litters as I would like to give them more individual time. So then I have to use my friends to «get around» them all. But they are all very welcome 2 or 10 puppies 😀

And this litter will be a Monty Python litter 😀 I have found some names and «my» name and one more is already taken. Know I just have to figure out what to call them in the puppy box (as I still dont like to call them «blue/red/yellow» and so one.

DeepEyes Flying Circus VI

DeepEyes Completely Different VI

DeepEyes Hollywood Bowl VI

DeepEyes Meaning of Life VI – TAKEN

DeepEyes Almost the Truth VI

DeepEyes A Liar’s Autobiography VI

DeepEyes Complete Waste Of Time VI (my keepers name 😉 )

DeepEyes The Knight Who Say Ni VI

DeepEyes Fairly Incomplete VI

DeepEyes Rather Badly VI

DeepEyes Lust for Glory VI

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