Mating and show in Denmark.

Last Friday we traveled to Denmark, «we» are Skessa, Arya and Talli, And Lill with two smooth collies. Then we meet up with Pia  , Fredrik and there English Springer spaniel.

The trip down went very well, and in my case also Saturdays show.

Skessa got Excellent, CQ and 4 best female.

Ten months old, good head, correct eyes and ears, good muzzle and teeth, correct neck, Little weak topline, correct forechest and chest, good legs

Arya got Excellent, CQ, Best female with CAC and CACIB and then also Danish show champion and BOS

Typical head, good teeth, correct neck, good topline, correct chest and forechest, good legs and movements.

Talli got Excellent, CQ, BOB veteran, 3 best female. (she is not 10 years old *lol* )

Very good head, good ears, correct teeth, good body, good legs, typical movements, correct coat, nice 10 years old.

So we got what we came for: Arya getting her tittle 😀

Sunday Skessa got very good

a bit refined bitch with untypical arch line both in standing and in movement nice profile but snipy seen from front good neck and shoulders nicely closed elbows big enough ribcage for her size strong croup moderate rear angulation correct tail typy light footed movement

Arya was the wrong colour and got Good with a nice critic:

very feminine but strong enough excellent headed strong neck firmly build front very nice ribcage good rear angulations well muzzled easy flexible movement chocolate color with some tan markings with I not mentioned in the standerds

And Tallis was also not a approved colour and got Very good :p

strong bitch showing in good condition clean cut head elegant neck nice withers nice parallel limbs with good angulations some pale tan markings on the limbs a bit arched topline on movement but excellent reach and drive

Then we had some car complications and started to drive to Sweden for the mating on Monday, and got a mating on Thursday. It seemed to be the perfect day, so fingers X 😀

No pictures as I forgot my camera, but hope Lill will have some when she has time 🙂

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