«Similis» Maeglin Liz has moved to us

Yesterday evening Simillis moved to Norway.

My neighbour, friend, collaborator, puppysitter and sparing partner Stine went to Belgium to get her for us. A very sweet little girl, somewhat overwhelmed but then again she comes from a farm 😉 and she handles it very well even if there is a reaction she is very collected. Went very well at home with my two girls.

Today she went to the veterinary and got her health checked, a vaccine that was do this month and a worm treatment. She needs to have her teeth cleaned, but other then that in perfect shape and also handled the veterinary very well. After that we drove to Christine in Oslo and got to go to her permanent home where she will be on breeding terms. She found the coach and went to sleep. 24 hours of many impression. Know she can relax and start her new life. A very-very sweet girl!

I measured her to be some where between 46-47 cm.

Thank you for letting us have her Raf!! We are already totally in love with her!

DSC_9236 DSC_9255

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