First junior out!

Today the Björk litter V is 9 months old and no more puppies, the are know juniors: Happy junior day!!

And it didn’t take long for them to make there first official show results. 😉

«Hera» DeepEyes Heirloom V and Emilia where at the international show in Tampere Finland and got an Excellent.

Congratulations to Emilia and Henna.

Judge was: Friederike Kappacher, Austria. And she had this to say about Hera:

9 months, correct height & lenght. A very nice feminine female with correct head, eyes & ears. Elegant neck & topline, croup & tailset also. The chest is perfect for her age. Correct angulation. She has temperament for movement. Character is very nice.

Yesterday me and Talli started Elite obedience again. We are getting better an better, but do need the experience before we get all the way to a first price. We are starting again tomorrow. With us luck, we really do need some luck 😉

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