An article

An, know old, article that I came over. It puts into word many of my own thoughts about breeding. Especially since I find it more and more difficult to find good working dogs that I personally like in all parts (temper, mental, drive and so on). I know many disagree with me, but this is my personal opinion and taste 🙂

Just some quotes, and have a good reading:

….With a good working dog the appearance is always secondary to the capabilities of the dog. I use the word appearance because it is different from structure and health. In a good working dog physical structure and health are absolutely critical.

….Where a dog may be from a working breed but is not a working dog the abilities may be more limited than one expects.

…..There are occasions where a show dog is introduced into a working line to refresh the bloodline, or improve appearance. This is then diluted in successive generations before the offspring are considered up to working dog standards.

Dogs from Working Breeds and Working Dogs are not always the same thing

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