Last show of the year

DE Violently Happy V «Skessa» and DE I’ve Seen It All V «Logi» made there debut at the puppy show today. And DeepEyes Talia al Ghul I «Talli» where shown in champion class for the very last time.  And there results I’m very pleased with 😀

Puppies first: Skessa got BOB and Logi BOS. Skessa later went all the way to 4.BIG in a huge group 1 (13 breeds).

Judge puppy, adult and group 1 puppy: Rita Reyniers, Belgium

I’ve tried to translate the critics, but not the best handwriting 😉


5 months typical head. Good expression and prop. Correct bite. Good earset. Good neck. Already level toppling with good tail set. Good double coat. Nice behind quarters.Good feet. Good spring of ribs and dept of chest. Shows already good movement, but need to stabilise.


4,5 months (I always pull them down on the age *lol*) correct bite. Good feminin type. Good topline and double coat. Nice forchest and dept of chest for age. Well angulation in behind quarters. Typical eye. Good type. Good colour. Feminin expression. Shows narrow in croup and behind quarters-shows in movement.


7,5 years excellent representative of the breed with excellent proportions in the head and body. Correct bite. Excellent earset. Good toppling, well set tail. Good croup. Excellent angulation in behind quarters. Good full double coat. Moves very well, but should be a bit more stable in the front with a bit more drive.

Congratulations to the puppy owners! Thank you for coming 😀

5 months 4.BIG in her first puppy show

5 months 4.BIG in her first puppy show



Logi 5 months

Logi 5 months

Logi 5 months

Logi 5 months

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