Short about 2014 :p

I have given up on keeping up with all the results of my puppies, so there will only be results from «my» dogs. Sorry, but I will forget other results then when they gain there champion results. But hope you will write your own blog and link or make a comment on this blog. I’m just afraid I will miss someone.

Glimmergruvans ô-Blaze «Blaze». Still retired, but there shown at the breed special where she was placed 4.best female og BISS-veteran for the second year in a row.

DeepEyes Talia al Ghul I «Talli» is working on her obedience champion tittle, but a series of bad luck (broken teeth, operation and pulled claw) made the whole spring/summer a «no go». Then the puppies came. But in the end we managed to start one competition that didn’t go the same weekend as I work. And we managed a 2.price and 2 place.

DeepEyes Song Of Ice and Fire III «Arya» gained her Norwegian Show Champion, and gave me 7 wonderful puppies. She is no not mine anymore, but is transferred to Anna. But I guess I will be able to borrow her sometimes :p

Maiskis Obsidia «Shy», no she is not mine anymore. But I still get to borrow her. She got her big CAC at the international show in Kristiansand. And just need one more CAC for Norwegian Show champion. Her owner, Tonje, has been building a new house, so the approval for tracking wonder game has not been finished. But 2015 I think they will be on it again. Shy has also been castrated. Because of her crooked vertebra and her mother has Epilepsy.

DeepEyes Ice Age Scrat IV «Lykke» is also not mine anymore. But this year she has done all her health results with the best results, and her MH. I decided not to breed her, and she is transferred to Monica. She has one CAC and a BOB this year. And  next year Monica has plans for agility and tracking competition with her 😀

DeepEyes Violently Happy V «Skessa», is the newest member who lives on breeding terms with Marie and her family. And at the moment she is just being a happy puppy.

The whole Björk litter V is doing great, very positive feedback. And if it keeps going that way I have plans for the other «outside» member of the «clan»: Sandsprite Southern Shy «Lani». Lani has done her MH and became Norwegian Show champion and Nordic Winner 2014. We had plans to travel to both Denmark and Holland this year, but again there where cars/illness/injury that put a stop to that. But next year, or the year after? No hurry 😀

I’m so happy with all my puppies and there owners, and I’m very-very happy for all my part-owners that keep up with my constant nagging, borrowing and me bossing you around. 😉

For us there is just one more show left this year. Skessa, Shy and Talli will be shown there. And next year I hope for Talli puppies, a puppy that will live with me and fingers X that 2015 is the year that I get the Norwegian Obedience Champion tittle on Talli. (there is a curse on me and the obedience tittle, as some might remember with Blaze I discovered that she had bad hearing when I started Elite obedience.*lol* Lets hope the year 2015 is the year the curse lifts 😉 )

Merry Xmas and a happy new year!


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