First milestone

As I have some puppy buyers that don’t have Norwegian as first/second language the blog about the puppies are in english. 🙂

Today the puppies have reach there first milestone, 3 of the puppies are opening there eyes 😀 Don’t think there other once are far after. 

Arya is starting to leave them for longer periods (but manly she is with them). Since all if them are getting along and respectful to Arya with the litter, I am able to keep there doors open. So Arya keeps visiting us for a couple of hours during the day to have a nap when the puppies are happy and sleeping. When the wake up and start to scream for mum and food she runs up to them again and stays there for a couple of hours. 

So if they all have there eyes next week they will be moved down to the living room during daytime, if its ok for all the dogs. I’ll make a little puppy pen 🙂

And at the end, one male is still looking for a loving and active home 🙂


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